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Glass teapot - pumpkin design

A pumpkin design glass tea pot, body in a shape of pumpkin ribs, handle as a stalk and lid handle as a leaf. Capacity: 600 ml. Colors (in teapot handle and lid handle only): blue only. (Green sold out)
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There is a long history of using a glass teapot to brew Chinese teas, especially for teas like green tea, white tea and flower tea, (teas with dynamic visual effects when hot water is added).

Premium Chinese green teas and white teas are made from only the tips of tender young leaves. When the hot water is added, the dry leaves unfold, rising and descending to display a visual phenomenon described as ‘green rolling clouds’ by some Chinese tea scholars, and ‘underwater forests’ by others. It has always been a traditional part of Chinese tea enjoyment:  something pleasant for tea lovers and source of inspiration for artistic imaginations.

Glass teapots provide a unique opportunity for the visual enjoyment of tea brewing to be experienced and, as well as the clarity of glass, its purity means unwanted odours from synthetic materials, such as plastic, will be avoided.  Foreign odour is a natural enemy to tea. Tea vessels made of natural materials such as glass, clay or ceramic, are therefore the best to use.