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Bi Luo Chun

This is a premium grade Bi Luo Chun, produced in its birthplace the JiangSu Province of China during the early spring. The classic Bi Luo Chun's curled fine leaves are covered with white down - a sign of abundant bud leaves, mellow and fruity flavour, smooth texture and refreshing aftertaste.
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Bi Luo Chun - Organic

Bi Luo Chun is a gem on the crown of Chinese tea culture. An ancient tea scripture has described its four unrivaled characteristics: elegant shape, richly green color, refreshing fragrance and mellowing taste. This organic Bi Luo Chun is produced in the Jiang Su Province of east China - Bi Luo Chun's original birthplace.
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Dong Ting Bi Luo Chun

A fully handmade Bi Luo Chun produced from the original and still the heartland of producing the exlusive quality Bi Luo Chun, Dong Shan (Easten Hill of Dong Ting Mt.) of Tai Lake. DongTing Bi Luo Chun is sought after novelty even in China.
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Fujian Bi Luo Chun

This is a high grade Bi Luo Chun, produced in the Fujian area, the tea country of China. This Bi Luo Chun is made of slightly stronger tea leaves in comparison to the Jiang-Su Bi Luo Chun, less fruity, but of more potent aftertaste and lasts more infusions. It is a high value/price ratio Bi Luo Chun for those who enjoys a fine green tea with a budget.
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Dragon Well (Long Jing) - Organic

This is one of the finest and best known Chinese green teas. Smooth flattened tea leaves produce a jade green liquid colour with a silky texture. It has an uplifting roasted chestnut aroma and beautiful and refreshing aftertaste.
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Mao Jian

Produced in XingYang area of China, this is an international award winning green tea. It is characterized by its long and tight needle shape made of only the tip leaves. It has a refreshing, jade green brew and rich, mellowing after taste.
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Mao Feng (50g) - Organic

Mao Feng is produced in the famous Yellow Mountain region of China - unique for its mountain range, clouds and mists. The Chinese have always proverbed that magic herbs grow on magic mountains. Mao Feng is one of them.
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Enshi Yinzhen

This is a premium Yinzhen green tea, organically produced in the Enshi area of the Hubei province China. Enshi green teas are known to be Selenium rich as the result of the local soil conditions. This is a delicate and refreshing premium green tea packed with the all the health benefits imaginable. Package size: 50g and 100g.
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Ge Tan Green tea - Organic

Ge Tan green tea is one of the classic representative of high class Chinese curl shape green teas. It is brew is bright yellowish green in colour with and elegant and aroma and lingering aftertaste. This is an organic authentic Chinese green tea for the enjoyment of green tea lovers.
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Anji White Tea (50g)

Anji white tea is a rare and special Green Tea. It is named partially after its unique white to pale green appearance of the fresh leaves during the early spring. It has a distinguishing pure and refreshing taste that is not found in others.
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Zhu Ye Qing (Bamboo Green)

Zhu Ye Qing is among the most prestige Chinese green teas. Produced in E-Mei mountain area of south-west China, this tea has an elegant, long lasting refreshing taste with a trace of chestnut flavor.
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Liuan Leaf (50g)

Liuan Leaf is a green tea that is listed on almost all prestige Chinese Tea lists. It is a unique green tea made of only the second leaf beneath the bud without the stem. It's aroma is elegant and long lasting.
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Hou Kui (Monkey King) (50g)

Among the most popular Chinese premium green teas, Hou Kui's leaves are much larger and flat with visible white down. It has an elegant fragrance of orchid and refreshing green tea taste.
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Lu Shan Yun Wu

Lu Shan Yun Wu is one of the most famous Chinese green teas produced in the Mt. Lu area. It is a product of high altitude plantation, long periods of cloud and mist cover, unique species of green tea born and grown and its natural environment and traditional misty green tea making skills refined over a long history.
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Misty Green (50g) - Organic

A high mountain grown organic green tea that has all the features of premium quality green teas, plus its unique pure and refreshing after taste. It is a quality organic tea which offers high value for money. Packaging 50g
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Matcha ceremonial grade - Organic

Buy matcha tea, a top (ceremonial) grade, organic Japanese style Matcha green tea powder produced from the finest organic green tea leaves, stems and veins removed and finely ground. It is ideal for those who enjoy a cup of premium Matcha, or use to make a creamy Matcha latte.
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Japanese Genmaicha

A classic Japanese Genmaicha - traditional Sencha blended with roasted brown rice bubbles. It is a brew of the refreshing green tea infused with the aroma of the roasted brown rice.
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Japanese style Sencha - Organic

A classic Japanese style Sencha. The green tea leaves are organically cultivated and steam dried. It has a unique steam dried tea's refreshing taste instead of roasted dried teas' nutty flavor.
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Buy green tea online

We offer an extensive range of high quality loose leaf green teas, including Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea.

It can be challenging to buy green tea online. Some assurance as to the quality and value we offer when you buy green tea from our online store:

  • We sell pure green tea loose leaves. These are of higher quality than blended teas or tea powder available on other sites.
  • Our teas are latest season. Fresh green teas are the best green teas.
  • China is the birthplace of all teas and we believe it still has the best  teas to offer. We specialize in Chinese green tea but also offer some  Japanese green teas.
  • Our range includes Chinese organic green tea for those who are interested in organic products and organic green tea leaves. 
  • We offer premium grade loose leaf green teas  stored under recommended conditions (refrigerated usually) to preserve  original quality, green teas being  highly sensitive to temperature.
  • The unique advantage to buying loose leaf green tea online from us rather then from a shop is is that  teas stored at optimal conditions  are delivered directly to you the  consumer. Buying  green tea  that is not stored correctly or has sat on a  shop shelf at room temperatures  which degrades quality and value with time. 

At Valley Green Tea, we offer a wide range of fresh loose leaf, organic and non-organic, premium quality green teas sourced directly from tea farmers in China for your enjoyment and health. 

What is green tea?

Green tea is the only class of teas that are unfermented. It is also the biggest class of Chinese teas. There are more than 300 varieties in the record and many folk teas have not yet been documented. Fresh green teas are packed with natural antioxidant and well known for their luscious refreshing taste and numerous health benefits. Buying the right green teas to suit your needs can take some experiment and experience sometimes, as a cup of tea for one person may not be the one for the next. Try a few in small amount and find out which ones you like best.

What are the characteristics of the best green tea?

The best green teas are the fresh teas. Premium green teas are highly sensitive to its environment such as high temperature and foreign odours. Once they are exposed to unsatisfactory conditions, their quality deteriorates rapidly and manifest changes in their appearance, aroma, taste and benefits. 

Valley Green Tea supplies premium quality seasonal green teas sourced directly from growers and plantations in traditional tea producing regions of China, stored optimaly (refrigerated) after harvest for fast delivery in Australia and world wide. 

We take extra cautions with their:

  • packaging - we vacuum seal all our green teas
  • storage - we store our green teas under their optimal storage temperature which is under 5oC
  • transportation - we air transport our green teas from China to avoid unnecessary exposure to high temperature and other un-welcomed factors

We believe the quality of the green teas we supply is second to none on the currently market outside of China.

Health benefits reported to be associated with drinking green tea

Many health benefits have been reported in recent years to be associated with drinking green tea, largely attributed to a group of active biochemical compound 'catechins' in the tea leaves. These benefits include:

  • lowering blood cholesterol level therefore the blood pressure and heart diseases
  • cancer preventive, including cancers such as breast cancer and bladder cancer
  • anti-inflammatory for patients with arthritis
  • reducing blood sugar level in patients with diabetes 

For more information, please visit (keyword search)

How does Chinese green tea differ from Japanese green tea?

Chinese green teas are roasted/baked, have a slightly ‘nutty’ flavour and use full leaves, selected for differing quality grades. Japanese green teas are mainly steam-softened, then dried, often  have a a ‘raw green’ taste instead of roasted aroma, come in various forms such as powder and paste, use mature as well as broken leaves and may have additions such as rice bubbles

Chinese green tea

The founder of the business, En Jie, grew up in the tea country of China - the Fu-Jian province. Through her personal connection and net work, we are able to source the top quality premium Chinese green teas directly from the tea farmer. She event visits these tea farmers on a regular base to inspect the plantations, exchange opinions and re-enforce the mutual trust and understanding.  

We are proud of the range and quality we offer and seek to expend to bring the real green tea experiences to our customers. 

Organic green tea

We understand the concerns of our customers, in both health and environment aspects. Although we only source our products from responsible and environmental conscious suppliers, we have been actively sourcing and expending our organic green tea range to offer a complete organic experience. 

All our organic green teas are plantation organic certified - we obtain the organic certificates from our suppliers and request for updates on a regular base. We offer a collection of premium organic green teas, such as organic Dragon Well, organic Bi Luo Chun and organic Mao Feng etc. Our organic tea ranges expends continuously. 

Japanese green tea

We also offer a range of Japanese style green teas such as: Sencha, Genmaicha and Matcha. 

For more information about green tea, please visit: green tea informationgreen tea preparation and storage guide or green tea FAQ.